SONICA Trumpet Mouthpiece



SONICA mouthpieces are the result of the collaboration between Cristian Bosc and Alex Elia, Principal Trumpet of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, both born in Chambave.

The aim of the project is to satisfy the most demanding trumpet players, those who are looking for the ideal mouthpiece and need a wide choice based on clear and well-defined parameters.

For 25 years Cristian Bosc has modified and created custom mouthpieces to help each individual player to find the desired characteristics in sound, response, intonation …

The name SONICA expresses the two central aspects of our research: sound and playability.

The series includes a very wide assortment of mouthpieces for piston trumpet, rotary valve trumpet and cornet.

It’s a modular system in 2 pieces: you will find endless combinations of rims, cup, throat, backbore and gap.

It’s available another external shape with a more traditional design, called “T”.

SONICA external design
Traditional external design -T-

What is the GAP and Why it is important


The gap is the space between the end of the mouthpiece and the beginning of the leadpipe.

The length of this space is crucial for response, intonation and playing resistance.

The gap differs slightly in each trumpet, often even in trumpets belonging to the same model.

For this reason it happens that the same perfectly working mouthpiece gives different results on another horn that apparently is the same.

With SONICA mouthpieces you can choose up to 4 types of gap, from number 1 (shortest distance) to number 4 (largest).

Based on extensive testing, we can give the following indications about the suitable number for the GAP.

GAP 1 (minimum space between backbore and leadpipe): suitable on Yamaha trumpet with Malone leadpipe.

GAP 2: suitable on Yamaha trumpet with Malone leadpipe.

GAP 3: suitable on trumpet Bach or Yamaha old generation (without Malone leadpipe).

GAP 4 (maximum space between backbore and leadpipe): suitable on old trumpets with worn receiver.

How to choose the right mouthpiece